• Mini
    Oil Maker Machine.

    100% Safe – 100% Natural.

  • Oil Maker Machine.

    100% Natural & 100% Safe


    100% SAFE & 100% NATURAL OIL


Why Savaliya Oil Maker Machine?

100% Safe

100% Natural

12+ Seeds

Easy to Use

24X7 Support

What is Savaliya Oil Maker Machine?

Savaliya is leading manufacturers, wholesalers, exporter, a supplier of Oil Maker Machine or Oil Extraction Machine.

Savaliya Oil Maker Machine, Mini oil Ghani or oil extraction machine is able to extract oil from various seeds like peanuts, coconut, sunflowers seeds, sesame, soybean seeds, walnuts, vegetable seeds, flax seeds, almond, mustard seeds.

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Savaliya Oil Extraction Machine

We are leading Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter, and Trader of extremely high-quality products like Kitchen Oil Press Machine, Mini Oil Machine, Oil Extraction Machine, and many more. It helps you to extract 100% pure edible oil at home which is totally chemical free. Using savaliya oil maker you can extract oil from sunflower seeds, peanuts, coconut, sesame, soybean seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, mustard, almond etc…

Nowadays your kitchen is not complete without cold pressed oil machine which is also called as an oil press or oil extraction machine. Today savaliya oil extraction machine is entered into the heart of countless families as well as into kitchens. However, This is our inspiration to innovate and manufacture safe, reliable, ergonomic & efficient products.

1) It is less expensive.
2) It’s easier to operate than bigger oil machines.
3) This oil maker machine is fully automatic.
4) The extracted oil is hygienic, healthy and nutritious.
5) Compact design and convenient to place at home.
6) You can extract oil at any time.
7) safe, reliable, efficient & ergonomic.

1) It consumes 1 Unit power per 2.5 hr
2) It requires 210-230 Volt AC Voltage to function.
3) The weight of each machine is 14 Kg.
4) All machines are manufactured using 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel.
5) It can work 10-12 Hours per day.
6) One Year Warranty

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