About us.

Savaliya is a global leading manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, exporter of various small scale machinery. Savaliya oil extraction machine or Mini oil Ghani is one of our innovative product which is able to extract 100% pure oil from the various seed. This is also known as cold oil press machine or mini oil Ghani. We have a stronghold in national as well as a worldwide market.

Nowadays, we all are using Refined Oil. An oil refined by using chemicals is called refined oil. It is very harmful to us. In short, it means to ‘purify’. But in this purification process oil was treated with acid, alkali or bleached. In this process, it leads to PUFas known as rancid polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is very dangerous for our heart.

We must avoid Refined Oil and Hydrogenated oils. To made hydrogenated oil manufacturer force hydrogen gas into oil at high pressure. These oils are very dangerous for our health.

To protect our family from various dangerous diseases and heart problems we should consume chemical free, 100% natural oil generated by savaliya oil maker machine. Our oil extraction machine is capable to extract oil from peanuts, Sesame, Coconut, Soybean, sunflower seeds, vegetable, walnuts, flaxseed etc…

Oil Extraction Machine Benefits :

1) You can extract oil in your kitchen only.

2) You can extract highly hygienic and healthy oil.

3) You can also use wastage.

4) Easy to operate.

5) Fully automatic machine.

6) Convenient to place at home.

7) 100% chemical free oil.

8) WHO certified product.

9) Less expensive.

10) Boost your Immune system.

11) Helps you to prevent cancer and various heart disease.

12) It helps you to maintain cholesterol levels.

Specification of oil maker machine:

Power Consumption 2.5 hr/ Unit
Voltage 210-230 Volt AC
Power 400+/-50 Watt
Weight 14 Kg
Material 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
Keep Working 8-10 Hours/Day
Suitable for Peanut
Warranty One Year
Machine dimension 460*240*190 mm

Working Capacity of oil press machine :

Seed Name Efficiency per Hour Oil Yield per Hour
Peanut 4 Kg per Hr 1.8 Kg per Hr
Sesame seeds 6 Kg per Hr 3 Kg per Hr
Sunflower Seeds 4 Kg per Hr 1.8 Kg per Hr
Walnut 4.5 Kg per Hr 2.1 Kg per Hr