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Dealer Benefits

Welcome to Handy Think Team of Empowered Partners.


We will have joint selling and deal protection. Handy think will ensure that the dealer stays profitable. The company will compensate dealers for sales performance.

Business Development

The dealer can make his own business through supplying the machine to the customers in different areas by employing his own employees if needed to cover large area.


Dealer can be much more than a channel to customers. They can play an important role in providing the customers with a wide range of services before and after sale.


Dealership awards will be provided to the dealers who demonstrate superior level of customer satisfaction, sales and service training, customer follow up and business management.

Requirement for Dealers

“Health is a relationship between you and your body”


Exposure in handling the marketing and sales of a product. A good and thorough knowledge about the market scope and potential in their respective areas.


The dealership agreement information will be shared in person by the company.

Man Power

Dealers should have the accessibility to considerable manpower associated with them as it will help them to do the distribution process in an effective way.


Dealers are advised to have an essential working space so that it will be easy for them to store and distribute the products and provide essential services to the customers.